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Nuts & Seeds
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Buffalo Peanuts
Buffalo peanuts have a sweet and hot flavor that makes them a unique and tasty snack. These peanuts have a sweet honey roasted taste, quickly followed by a hot buffalo flavor for a winning combination in every bite. Buffalo peanuts will make a sweet hot twist to any ordinary mix.
pt / 0.8 lb @ $3.49 per lb / $2.79
Hemp Seeds
As one of the earliest foods to be used by humans, hemp seeds have long been recognized as an excellent source of energy. This remarkable superfood is an excellent source with eight grams of protein per two tablespoons of seeds. Hemp seeds contain all ten essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Use these seeds in cereal, salads, cookies, crackers, baking, smoothies, yogurt, hemp milk, bread, fruit salad and with vegetables.
pt / 0.75 lb @ $3.99 per lb / $2.99
Peanut Wasabi Crunchies
Wasabi Peanut Crunchies are one of the hottest snacks around! These peanuts are coated with green Wasabi, which is a form of Japanese horseradish, which gives these peanuts a delicious zip that makes them a unique spicy snack.
pt / 0.7 lb @ $3.89 per lb / $2.72
Peanuts Hot Nacho
Hot Nacho Peanuts are covered in a spicy nacho cheese seasoning and are sure to leave your taste buds tingling with zesty cheese flavor. Try spicing up your favorite snack mix with a handful of these peanuts, or munch on them straight from the bag.
$4.19 / lb
Raw Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds (Raw) are removed from the shell for easy snacking, these seeds have a lightly sweet and nutty flavor that can be enjoyed as a snack year round. "Pepitas"
pt / 0.75 lb @ $4.39 per lb / $3.29
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