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Barlean's Fish Oil 100ct Capsules

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Same great product as Fish Oil in capsule form!

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Our signature formula is ideal for people who are seeking the absolute highest quality fish oil at the best value. Fresh Catch Fish Oil is a pristine source of ultra-purified pharmaceutical grade fish oil providing naturally occurring levels of EPA and DHA for your vibrant health and energy. Fresh Catchc includes all of the quality attributes found in the entire Fresh Catchc line of quality fish oils.

One teaspoon daily with meals. Shake prior to dispensing. Refrigeration suggested.

¢ Pharmaceutical Grade
¢ Ultra-Purified
¢ Free of PCBs, Dioxins, Arsenic, Cadmium,
Lead, Mercury and other contaminants
¢ Five-Layer Oxidation Protected
¢ Provides Optimum Levels of EPA and DHA
¢ Council for Responsible Nutrition Compliant
¢ Physician Recommended
¢ International Purity Guideline Compliant
¢ Laboratory Tested, Certified & Validated free
of detectable contaminants

Barlean's Fresh Catchr Fish Oil is for those
who aspire to nutritionally support the
optimal structure and function of:
l Joint Mobility & Bone Density*
l Skin, Hair & Nail Health*
l Sexual & Hormonal Health*
l Heart Health*
l Healthy Cholesterol Levels*
l Healthy Blood Glucose*
l Eye Health - Visual Acuity*
l Energy & Endurance*
l Mental Health, Wellness and Acuity*