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Candy Cones, Jelly Belly
These Ice Cream Candy Cone Mellocremes come in fun ice cream cone shapes that are perfect for parties and snacking.
8 oz cont / 0.5 lb @ $7.89 per lb / $3.95
8 oz cont / 0.5 lb @ $5.92 per lb / $2.96
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Cole Slaw Dressing Mix - Natural
Natural Cole Slaw Dressing Mix is a creamy, old fashioned dressing mix that will turn any head of cabbage into a traditional picnic treat. Add our mix, which is a combination of carrots, celery salt and seed, red bell pepper, sugar and sea salt to mayonnaise, sour cream and apple cider vinegar. Toss the mixture with fresh shredded cabbage for a refreshing cole slaw for use as a side dish or for topping pulled pork sandwiches.
8 oz / 0.45 lb @ $5.69 per lb / $2.56
8 oz / 0.45 lb @ $5.12 per lb / $2.30
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Combos® Cheddar Filled Pretzels
COMBOS® Baked Snacks are a delicious and indulgent treat. Filled with a delightful cheddar cheese.
pt / 0.55 lb @ $4.99 per lb / $2.74
pt / 0.55 lb @ $4.49 per lb / $2.47
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Dark Chocolate Power Snack Mix
Every bite of this snack mix is full of delicious, juicy raisins, crunchy cashews and almonds, and pumpkin seeds, with plenty of rich chocolate-y chunks thrown in the mix for good measure. This mix is perfect for the snacker who is seeking a blend that balances healthy ingredients with fun flavor.
qt / 0.8 lb @ $9.19 per lb / $7.35
qt / 0.8 lb @ $7.35 per lb / $5.88
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Good's Potato Chips ^Blue^ 11oz
Good's potato chips have been a family favorite for decades. This chip is produced from the same Good's family recipe and hasn't changed since the first batch was made in 1886. The "blue" box variety of Good's chips is thicker and crunchier, making them perfect for scooping up your favorite chip dip.
$3.99 / ea
$2.99 / ea
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