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Amish Macaroni Salad Mix
Amish Macaroni Salad Mix features sweet and sour mustard and sweet peppers. Try adding this mix to water and mayonnaise, then mix with cooked macaroni and hard boiled eggs for a salad that will complete any picnic meal! This mix can also be used as a tasty sandwich spread.
8 oz / 0.5 lb @ $5.29 per lb / $2.65
8 oz / 0.5 lb @ $4.23 per lb / $2.12
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Blueberry Pancake Mix
Blueberry Pancake Mix is simple and delicious and packed full of 100 % real freeze-dried blueberries. No added sugar makes them a guilt free treat.
$5.79 / ea
$4.99 / ea
Chocolate Stars Semi Sweet
Rich semi-sweet chocolates are molded into a distinct star shape that makes them fun to eat! Use these delicious stars as a festive garnish to any sweet dish.
$5.69 / qt
$4.55 / qt This item is only available November 7 - December 22
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Coconut Oil  32oz
Coconut Oil has a high saturated fat content and is most commonly used in foods to enhance flavor and texture and to prevent rancidity. This oil is also used to make homemade soaps. Coconut oil turns from a liquid to a solid below 76 degrees F.
$5.59 / ea
$4.99 / ea
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Coconut Tidbits Diced
These bite-sized chunks of dried coconut make a great snack, and are also great addition as toppers on baked treats like cookies or cakes.
pt / 0.65 lb @ $5.49 per lb / $3.57
pt / 0.65 lb @ $4.39 per lb / $2.85
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Dieter's Delight
Dieter's Delight Snack Mix is a delicious combination of various nuts, seeds and raisins. This mix has sweet and salty flavors to leave you feeling satisfied without steering your diet off track. This mix is also cholesterol free.
pt / 0.85 lb @ $8.29 per lb / $7.05
pt / 0.85 lb @ $7.05 per lb / $5.99
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Double Crispy Chocolate Hearts
Double Crisp Hearts combine crispy rice pieces and creamy milk chocolate to make an irresistible holiday treat. Every heart is individually wrapped in festive foil, making them perfect for attaching to individual valentines or for enjoying on-the-go.
pt / 0.8 lb @ $5.19 per lb / $4.15
pt / 0.8 lb @ $3.48 per lb / $2.78 This item is only available January 4 - February 11
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