meet our animals

For an additional country experience, stroll out to the petting zoo located to the right of our building. There is no admission fee and you can visit with our animals at any time. You can purchase feed from the quarter feeders outside or buy a bag inside. Please do not feed the animals corn or other types of food (this can make them sick!). Watch the goats romp and play on their 15' high skywalk or feed them corn from your hand. Can you identify all the different types of chickens? Have you seen a Mandarin Duck or Bob White Quail? What about Guineas or Ring Neck Pheasants? You will enjoy seeing our Peacocks strutting in their pens and the Indian Runner Ducks waddling around. It's just part of the 'country'.

  • African Goose
    African Goose
  • Alpaca
  • Black Spanish Turkey
    Black Spanish Turkey
  • Bobwhite Quail
    Bobwhite Quail
  • Boer Goat
    Boer Goat
  • Bourbon Red Turkey
    Bourbon Red Turkey
  • Bronze Turkey
    Bronze Turkey
  • Call Ducks
    Call Ducks
  • Exotic Chickens
    Exotic Chickens
  • Couternick Quail
    Couternick Quail
  • Crested Duck
    Crested Duck
  • Dove
  • Fantail Pigeon
    Fantail Pigeon
  • Goat Walk
    Goat Walk
  • Golden Pheasant
    Golden Pheasant
  • Guinea
  • Mandarin Duck
    Mandarin Duck
  • Painted Desert Sheep
    Painted Desert Sheep
  • Potbellied Pig
    Potbellied Pig
  • Rabbit
  • Red-Gold Pheasant
    Red-Gold Pheasant
  • Rhea
  • Ring-Necked Pheasant
    Ring-Necked Pheasant
  • Rouen Duck
    Rouen Duck
  • Royal Palm Turkey
    Royal Palm Turkey
  • Sebastian Goose
    Sebastian Goose

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