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Pearsons Bit-O-Honey 30lb


Bit-0-Honey are soft and chewy bite sized treats full of sweet honey flavor! This candy is made with almond bits blended into honey flavored taffy. These classic treats are sure to be a favorite among young and old alike.
pt / 1.1 lb @ $3.99 per lb / $4.39
Bubblegum Candy Stick
These bright and colorful sticks are a favorite for all ages! The classic taste of original bubblegum is packed into these candy sticks, which make a fun party favor or simple sweet treat.
$0.25 / ea
Caramels Homestyle
These soft, melt-in-your-mouth caramels have a sweet flavor and chewy texture that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Individually wrapped, classic caramels make the perfect on-the-go-snack.
pt / 1.1 lb @ $4.39 per lb / $4.83
Cowtails Mini
This bite sized version of this classic treat features a sweet cream center surrounded by smooth, rich caramel for a delicious and chewy snack! Made with wheat flour, milk and real cream, each string of Cow Tale caramels have a clean and simple taste that your kids will love to eat!
hp / 0.8 lb @ $4.39 per lb / $3.51
Ginger Balls
These individually wrapped hard candies are filled with the taste of sweet and spicy ginger. These bite sized candies are perfect for taking on-the-go.
pt / 0.6 lb @ $2.99 per lb / $1.79
Island Punch Candy Stick
A rainbow of tropical fruit flavors is what you'll find in these colorful sticks. This versatile candy is perfect for snacking by itself or use as a garnish in summertime smoothies for an extra fun and fruity drink.
$0.25 / ea
Jelly Nougats
Crunchy peanut butter balls are dipped in smooth and creamy milk chocolate to make this traditional candy treat. A melt in your mouth candy, these chocolate treats are great as a snack or as a topping for ice cream sundaes.
pt / 0.6 lb @ $3.69 per lb / $2.21
Orange Candy Stick
A sweet citrus taste in a bright orange color is what you'll find in these orange candy sticks. These colored sticks make an especially sweet treat for Autumn events.
$0.25 / ea
Peaches & Cream Candy Stick
The taste of fresh juicy peaches combined with a sweet cream are what you'll find in this orange and yellow swirled stick. Try this melt-in-your-mouth treat on its own or as a garnish with fresh vanilla ice cream.
$0.25 / ea
Peanut Butter Bars
Peanut Butter Bars are a crispy, crunchy treat that will melt-in-your-mouth on the first bite! This snack is made from golden brown, slow roasted jumbo peanuts that are held together with sweet syrup. Each bar is individually wrapped to seal in the delicious roasted peanut flavor.
pt / 1.2 lb @ $4.19 per lb / $5.03
Pop Rocks, Strawberry
Put a handful of this strawberry flavored candy into your mouth and let the show begin! Each piece of this carbonated candy will sizzle and pop while filling your mouth with its sweet strawberry flavor.
$0.99 / ea
Pop Rocks, Watermelon
Put a handful of this strawberry flavored candy into your mouth and let the show begin! Each piece of this carbonated candy will sizzle and pop while filling your mouth with its sweet watermelon flavor.
$0.99 / ea
Puff Mints Wrapped
These wrapped mint puffs have a soft mint flavor and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Mint Puffs are decorated with red and white stripes, and have a fun and colorful look making them perfect for stocking your candy bowl or for adding to a seasonal gift bag
pt / 0.42 lb @ $3.79 per lb / $1.59
Root Beer Barrels
Enjoy old fashioned root beer taste in each one of these bite sized root beer barrels! Each piece of this classic candy is individually wrapped, making them the perfect on-the-go candy.
pt / 0.7 lb @ $2.99 per lb / $2.09
Strawberry Candy Stick
This bright red stick is swirled with green stripes and is bursting with the sweet taste juicy red strawberries. This sweet treat has been a favorite among families for decades and is sure to be a favorite for your family too!
$0.25 / ea
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