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w/Double Tarp Roof, Climbing Set

Double Towers and loaded with fun…

Our Castle playset has two towers; the first at 5’ high and the other at 7’ high. All that tower space allows you to add a wide variety of features. There is plenty of room for slides, swings, climbing features, steering wheels, and so much more.

The Castle Series is sure to keep your kids’ imagination busy for years to come. They will burn off all that extra energy outside in the fresh air, all while making memories.
This double tower playset has a 5' high tower in the front and a 7' high tower in the back. Both towers have a platform size of 5' x 4', making the base size 5' x 8'. You will find half of it under the towers covered in a deck and the other half in a sandbox area. Two heavy - duty tarps cover the towers, creating shade from the sun. Coming off the towers, you will find two slides, a 10' Wonder Wave slide, and a 7' Tornado Tube slide. On the four position, 8' high swing beam, you will find two belt swings, a four chain tire swing, and a full bucket child's seat.