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Animal Crackers
Animal Crackers are a sweet tasting, low fat snack that has been a favorite among kids and adults for years. These crackers are seasoned with nutmeg and mace to give each cracker a unique and delicious taste. Each bag has a combination of 13 different animal shapes for a fun wildlife adventure.
qt / 0.6 lb @ $3.49 per lb / $2.09
Cabaret Crackers Breton 7oz
Enjoy the delicious taste of Crisp & Buttery CABARET Crackers either on its own or as part of the perfect appetizer or snack. Pair with your favorite meat and cheese or chicken salad. Your family and friends will all love this outstanding cracker for its unique, tender-crisp buttery taste!
$3.69 / ea
Cheddar Crackers, Whales
These bite sized crackers have a playful whale shape and delicious cheddar taste, making them a delicious snack for kids of all ages.
qt / 0.8 lb @ $4.69 per lb / $3.75
Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies
Kids of all ages will love these bite-sized, chocolate flavored cookies. Perfect for lunch boxes and on-the-go snacking!
hp / 0.65 lb @ $5.89 per lb / $3.83
Chocolate Coated Animal Crackers
Chocolate Classic Animal Crackers have been coated with a thick layer of creamy milk chocolate for an extra sweet cookie that your kids are sure to love.
qt / 1 lb @ $5.19 per lb / $5.19
Chocolate Scalloped Ice Cream Wafer
Chocolate Scalloped Ice Cream Wafers will help you make a decorative ice cream sandwich. Place a scoop of your own homemade ice cream between two of these circular scalloped chocolate wafers for a classic summer treat. These chocolate wafers are firm enough to keep the ice cream in place, yet soft enough to make them easy to eat.
qt / 0.84 lb @ $5.99 per lb / $5.03
Cookies, Chocolate Fudge  DARE 10.2oz
Chocolate lovers will love these classic cookies! Rich chocolate crème sandwiched between two crispy chocolate cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth at any time of day!
$3.69 / ea
Cracker Meal
Fine Cracker Meal is great for topping casseroles and baked vegetables. Try using this fine cracker meal for breading meats or fish.
pt half / 1.3 lb @ $2.49 per lb / $3.24
Crackers Breton Vinta  7.9 oz
These crackers are made with a combination of 8 grains and seeds that give each bite a unique texture and delicious taste! Enjoy these crackers as a snack or pair them with your favorite dips and toppings. Vinta crackers are low in fat and contain no cholesterol or artificial flavors.
$3.69 / ea
Crackers Chicken    wc
Chicken Flavored Crackers pack traditional chicken soup flavor into one snack sized square! Try enjoying these crackers straight from the box or try pairing them with your favorite cheesy dip.
qt / 0.65 lb @ $5.79 per lb / $3.76
Crackers Graham 2pk
Graham Crackers are a sweet snack cracker and a wholesome treat for the entire family. Try eating these crackers by themselves, or use your imagination to turn them into a sweet base for whatever you choose to put between them. Use these crackers to make your own S'mores, or try spreading peanut butter and marshmallow fluff on a cracker for a gooey and delicious treat. Each case consists of ten pounds.
qt / 0.78 lb @ $4.00 per lb / $3.12
G/F Blueberry Fig Bars 2oz
Gluten Free Blueberry Fig bars are moist, soft cake bars with a sweet blueberry filling and makes a great on-the-go-breakfast! But why limit yourself? Try this delicious bar as an afternoon snack or as a sweet dessert treat!
$1.99 / ea
G/F Fig Bars  2oz
Gluten Free Fig bars are moist, soft cake bars with a sweet figgy filling and makes a great on-the-go-breakfast! But why limit yourself? Try this delicious bar as an afternoon snack or as a sweet dessert treat!
$1.99 / ea
G/F Raspberry Fig Bars 2oz
Gluten Free Raspberry Fig bars are moist, soft cake bars with a sweet raspberry filling and makes a great on-the-go-breakfast! But why limit yourself? Try this delicious bar as an afternoon snack or as a sweet dessert treat!
$1.99 / ea
G/F Strawberry Fruit Bars 2 oz
These delicious individually wrapped gluten free fruit bars have a delicious cherry fruit filling and are made with whole grains. They are perfect for packing with lunches or taking out on the trail to munch on for an extra burst of energy.
$2.99 / ea
Garden  Vegetable Crackers     wc
Thin Vegetable Crackers are filled with aromatic herbs, spices and garden fresh vegetable flavors! Try these crackers by themselves or pair them with warm spinach and artichoke dip for an easy and delicious appetizer.
$5.79 / qt
Garden Vegetable  Crackers 8oz
It's hard to say no to the flavorful taste of a Breton that's baked with a unique blend of real vegetables. Your family and friends will all love this Breton for its unique, tender-crisp taste and all the goodness of wheat!
$3.19 / ea
Garden Vegetable Crackers Minis
These crackers have a crispy crunch in every bite and are the perfect size for snacking! Made with whole grains and no artificial flavors, these crackers are easy to enjoy at any time of day.
$3.89 / ea
Ginger Snaps
These Ginger Snaps are made with a variety of spices, Lancaster County molasses and other natural ingredients to create a perfectly spiced ginger cookie in every bite. Enjoy these crunchy snaps with a glass of milk or dunk them into hot tea or coffee. You can even grind up these ginger snaps to create a delicious crust for cheesecakes and pies.
qt / 0.8 lb @ $3.99 per lb / $3.19
Hint of Sea Salt Nut-Thins 4.25oz
Sea Salt Nut Thins are sprinkled with just enough sea salt to enhance the natural nutty flavor in each cracker. These nut thins are perfect for snacking, but also make a great base for appetizers and taste especially delicious when paired with your favorite dip.
$4.99 / ea
Lemon Snaps
The refreshing taste of lemon shines through in every bite of these Lemon Snaps. With a sweet taste and a crunchy texture, these cookies make the perfect snack or simple dessert.
qt / 0.9 @ $3.79 per / $3.41
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