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Product ID: LFPA10103

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w/ poly slats, rockwall, cargo net

Expedition playset is full of enjoyable features. A 5’ x 6’ Playhouse sitting 5’ off the ground with room to play underneath. It has an 8’ x 8’ tower allowing for lots of room for fun features.
Are you looking for a playset with a enclosed playhouse? The Expedition is the perfect playset! This playset has a 5'x6' playhouse on a 8'x8' deck with a 3 chain swivel tire swing underneath. The playhouse has one door, two functioning windows with screens, wraparound porch and a dormer with a star. In addition to the playhouse, this set features a 5' rock wall, 5' cargo net, Tic Tac Toe panel, 5' fireman's pole & access ladder. Poly slats surround the porch make for splinter-free railing. Love to slide? We got you covered with a 10' Wonder Wave slide that come off the 5' high deck. On the 3 position 8' high swing beam, you will find a belt swing w/soft grips, full bucket child's seat w/soft grips, and an all time favorite 2-person glider.

to fit your yard? This layout is perfect for you. It has a 4'x6' platform on a 5' high tower with a heavy-duty tarp roof over it for shade. Under the platform is a 3 chain tire swing on a swivel, with a belt swing on the 8' high swing beam on either side of the tower. Off the back of the tower is a climber's dream, a 5' rockwall. On the front is a ladder and 10' wonder wave slide.