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Harmonica Wind Chime

Product ID: LFLC855

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$129.00 / ea
"The perfect HARMONICA WIND CHIME for that special someone."
This Harmonica Wind Chime is handcrafted from an Amish Craftsman.

This Harmonica Wind Chime comes with a (Lifetime Mfg. Warranty).Each Harmonica Wind Chime is handcrafted from a high quality,hand tuned,and extruded aluminum powder coated tubing. Every Harmonica Wind Chime is (Textured Coper) colored, for chip resistance and color stability.

> Top and Clapper is made of a (Echo Friendly Poly-wood) – 100% recycled material that will not chip, crack, or fade.

> The String is UV treated Polypropylene,is rated up to 100 lb. and has excellent abrasion resistance.

A gentle breeze and these Harmonica Wind Chimes will create a musical treat for the ears. This hand tuned wind chime gives off a deep and melodious resounding tone. It will take you too another world. These handcrafted wind chimes have been created for total Relaxation and Meditation

Listen to the wind chime: