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Bacon Dressing  16 oz
Jake and Amos Bacon dressing is a rich creamy dressing made with real bacon pieces and tastes great on salads or potatoes. Use this versatile dressing hot or cold.
$4.89 / ea
Cran-Apple Salsa 16oz
Jake & Amos® Cran-Apple Salsa is an a unique salsa that brings the taste of tree-ripened apples and tart cranberries to your table. This salsa is perfect with tortilla chips, on salads or as a sandwich topping.
$4.19 / ea
Dill Pickle Spears 16oz
These all natural pickle spears are perfectly seasoned with garlic and dill. Enjoy these crunchy pickles as a snack or use them as a delicious addition to sandwiches and party trays.
$3.99 / ea
J&A Salsa Hot 16oz
Jake and Amos hot salsa is an all natural garden style salsa that will add a kick to any meal! Made with the perfect blend of tomatoes, peppers and spices, our Hot Salsa is sure to make you sweat.
$3.89 / ea
J&A Seven Day Pickles 16oz
Seven Day Pickles have a nice pickling spice flavor and are well known in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The pickles are processed by the ancient seven day practice of heating the brine and re-pouring it over the pickle. These pickles may take a long time to make, however the results are worth the wait!
$4.89 / ea
Jalapeno Eggs  32oz
Jake and Amos Jalapeno Eggs combines the old Dutch sweet and sour hardboiled egg taste with a burst of spice from pieces of dark green jalapeno peppers for a fabulous new flavor.
$6.89 / ea
Spiced Apple Rings  14.5oz
Jake and Amos Spiced Apple rings are colorful rings that make a festive garnish for any holiday meal! Try serving them as a bold side dish that is nutritious and delicious.
This item is only available September 1 - November 1
Sweet Dill Pickles 16oz.
Sweet Baby Dills are a unique and interesting flavor profile. These pickles are getting rave reviews from everyone who has tried them. Don't wait, get yours today and wow your guest at your next venue.
$3.69 / ea
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