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Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar
Hershey's Chocolate Bar is a rich and creamy milk chocolate bar stamped with the Hershey's name on the wrapper. This traditional chocolate bar treat is great to eat by itself, or to use as a must-have ingredient for campfire creations like classic S'Mores.
$1.19 / ea
$1.00 / ea
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Strawberry Dip Mix
Natural Strawberry Dip Mix has the sweet taste of strawberries! This versatile mix is perfect for dipping fruit, crackers and pretzels, but can also be added to your favorite dessert recipes. Try adding this mix to a cheesecake recipe to create a simple strawberry cheesecake. You can also use this mix to create strawberry vinaigrette to serve on fresh salad greens.
$6.99 / lb
$6.29 / lb
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Sweet Cajun Heat Snack Mix
Sweet Cajun Snack Mix is a mellow mix combining honey roasted and Cajun sesame sticks, three different flavored peanuts and chili lemon corn sticks to create just the right balance of sweet and heat. This snack mix is mild enough for children, but turns on just enough heat to satisfy mature taste buds as well.
pt / 0.7 lb @ $5.69 per lb / $3.98
pt / 0.7 lb @ $5.12 per lb / $3.58
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