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Alice Alpaca
Just to be clear, she is officially NOT a llama! She says alpacas are smaller than llamas, and that they are known for their docile nature and superb fibers (kind of like fur). Alice is fluffy and soft and she is super proud of all that fluff! Warm cream and brown coloring and the most adorable little face, Alice knows she’s a catch. Standing at 10.5? tall, Alice is a great size for pretend play, hanging out on a shelf to watch the playroom and her most favorite pastime, snuggling. Alice is recommended for ages 2 and up!
$15.99 / ea
Black Multi- Chick
Black Multi Chick in our unique black and white fabric is both realistic and adorable! A perfect size for the palm of your hand this stuffed chic is begging to be brought home!
$7.49 / ea
Bodhi Goat, Small
Bodhi the playful plush Goat loves butting heads in friendly pretend battles with his buddies! His soft cream colored horns are still small but that doesn’t stop him from winning at whatever challenge he puts his mind to! Crafted with our delightfully soft Kohair plush material, Bodhi is a cuddly pocket sized pal who is equally at home rambling in the country or the city! Brown stockings and a mottled coat give Bohdi a handsome appearance. Additional features include bright black eyes and stitched facial detailing for lifelike realism. As lovable and loyal as the very best dog, Bodhi the Goat stuffed animal will keep you entertained for hours with his antics and boisterous personality!
$11.49 / ea
Dapper Ferret
Dapper the plush Ferret certainly lives up to his name. With his good looks and realistic detailing, this furry little critter always seems to be in demand! The perfect size for small hands and big adventures, Dapper features a soft tan coat with white markings. Handsome black accents detail his facial mask, tail tip, and paws. Additionally, smoky airbrushing over his head and down back further enhance his lifelike appearance. Dapper’s bright, playful eyes beg for someone to come and play. Slip this little ferret into a pocket or backpack; his small size makes it easy to take him anywhere. Bring some excitement and fun to any outing with Dapper our friendly plush Ferret!

$9.99 / ea
Francine Fox
Francine the sprightly Red Fox stuffed animal is energetic and clever. She loves working through puzzles and testing her skills. One day you will find her outwitting the farmer’s dogs and another day she’ll be successfully pouncing unsuspecting field mice. There’s no doubt about it, Francine’s eye catching red and white coat perfectly complements her lively personality. Black stockings accent her legs and a white tip adds further flair to her bushy tail. Her eyes seem to give off a knowing look and delicate pointed ears fill out the foxy shape of her face. Join Francine in her daring forest games and let this charming plush Fox delight you with her cunning and good looks!
$9.99 / ea
Francois' Llama
12" tall Francois the plush Llama is the most real, most soft, most furry stuffed llama around!

$17.99 / ea
Freckles Appaloosa Foal
10"(25cm) this regal and handsome golden appaloosa foal is the perfect combination of realism and whimsy. With ultra soft fur and long fluffy main and tail a total show stopper.
$13.99 / ea
Glory Fawn
8" tall stuffed Fawn, Glory, is regal with her classic fawn white spots coloring. This plush deer is realistic, super soft and perfect for play!
$10.49 / ea
Henrietta Blue/Orange Hen
Henrietta the plush Blue Lace Hen is the most glamorous chicken in the coop! Sumptuously detailed with bright blues and oranges, her colorful design is the envy of all the other birds on the farm. Specially selected materials with feathery textures and irresistible softness come together to craft a plucky chicken stuffed animal that’s lifelike and cuddly. Her face is detailed with a realistic red comb and wattle while bright black eyes and a yellow beak complete her look. Attractive on display or perfect for make believe barnyard play, Henrietta is a plush chicken that will appeal to fans of these charismatic barnyard critters, no matter their age!
$17.99 / ea
Liam Llama
11"(28cm) This amazingly true to life llama is super soft and cuddly ready to steal your heart. A perfect combination of short and long ultra cushy fur is irresistible.
$14.99 / ea
Lilly White Bunny
Lilly the plush Bunny is as white as a freshly bloomed blossom and twice as nice! Kids of all ages will love petting Lilly’s beautiful, soft fur. High quality polyester fill makes her plump, rounded body extra cuddly. Our sweet rabbit’s ears are lined with soft pink fabric and she is detailed with a little flocked nose and a fluffy white tail. Her dark eyes feature a lifelike shine that gives this baby bunny a look that makes her engaging and lovable. She’s a perfect low maintenance pet and an ultra cuddly friend. Make Lilly the graceful White Bunny stuffed animal your own before she hops away!
$9.99 / ea
Llama Fur Crossbody
Well hello there, llama queen! We see your ultra soft fur and irresistible eye lashes! Adorable llama full functioning crossbody bag is satin lined with snap closure. Soft rope strap can be knotted to shorten. Recommend for all llama queens over 3 years of age.

$14.99 / ea
Llama Fur Fuzzle Poms
Calling all llama queens! Our pomtastic llama (and those eye lashes!) designed in amazingly soft plush. Dual purpose clip and key ring allows you to clip to your backpack, zipper or add to a key chain! The possibilities are llamatless! Recommended for fashionable llama queens over the age of 3 years.

$6.99 / ea
Melvin Pig W/ Rust Patch
7" long Melvin Rust Spotted Pig in the most precious Tea Cup Size! Ultra soft plush with the cutest face! Collect all three!
$9.99 / ea
Morley Black Bear
There’s nothing Morley loves more than enjoying the ever changing scenery of his forest home. Every new season offers fresh opportunities to discover and this curious Black Bear stuffed animal wants to experience them all! Soft plush materials along with cuddly polyester fill make Morley a tempting pick-me-up. His small size ensures he’ll fit snugly into small hands or a bag or pocket for fun on the go. Wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate Morley’s realistic black and tan markings and engaging, lifelike expression. A stocky body and a fuzzy, flocked nose complete his look. Revel in nature’s majesty with this little plush Bear cub!
$8.49 / ea
Mud Pie Brown Spotted Pig
Mudpie brown Spotted Pig has no problem living up to his name! He may take a short break from the mud to eat some grub, but then it’s right back in! Good think he’s so cute and soft!
$17.99 / ea
Oliver Possum
9?(23cm) can’t get much cuter than this ultra soft little possum. Unique and realistic with a curled tail and tiny little paws Oliver is a must have.

$12.99 / ea
Olivia Ostrich
Olivia the Ostrich is one glamorous plush! With her slender legs and luxuriously long lashes, this chick is set to rule the fashion runway!
$24.99 / ea
Patch Racoon
Patch the plush Raccoon doesn’t mean to get into trouble but somehow it always seems to find him! Maybe he shouldn’t have torn open those garbage bags behind your house but those tempting smells coming out from them were just too much for him to resist! Patch features the white and black face mask and banded tail of his real life counterparts. Delightfully soft brown plush materials and quality polyester fill within ensure he’s an endearing cuddle buddy. Sweet, dark eyes and little rounded ears add further charm and detail. Whatever escapades Patch the Raccoon stuffed animal is a part of, this little bandit can always count on his adorable looks for forgiveness!
$9.99 / ea
Pepper Black-Multi Hen
Laying eggs and raising chicks are things that Pepper the Black Hen takes very seriously. And with her experience and strong maternal instinct, she’s the perfect bird for the job! Realistically designed with salt and pepper gray plumage, our endearing mother hen stuffed animal features a soft, mottled texture that gives her a distinctive look and a cuddly, huggable body. Specialty plush lends her tail its feathery flair while a red comb and wattle accent her face and bring brightness to her appearance. Pepper’s black eyes have a lifelike shine that will make her a favorite. A perfect addition to a room with farm décor or a playful way to bring the excitement of the farm indoors, this handsome plush chicken will make a statement wherever she goes!

$17.99 / ea
Ricardo Rooster
Cock-a-doodle-doo!! Ricardo the Rooster stuffed toy is here to herald in a fresh new day! He’s one rooster that’s happy on the farm or in your home. And with his ultra soft materials and playful floppy body, you’ll want to invite him over right away. Crafted with specialty fabrics that mimic the pattering of feathers and realistically finished with alert, black eyes and a bright red wattle, this beautiful plush bird is ideal for cuddly hugs. Perfect for playtime adventures or aficionados of our feathery friends, Ricardo the plush Rooster is sure to get fans crowing about him!
$24.99 / ea
Speedy Tortoise
Everyone knows that how the race is run matters more than winning or losing, but
Speedy the plush Tortoise is determined to try to win anyway! Crafted with soft designer
fabrics, this realistic stuffed animal features a fun scale pattern over his body. Stitched
detail depicts the plates of Speedy’s multi colored shell and accents his feet. Durable
interior polyester fill ensures Speedy the endurance for hours of imaginative play but is
soft enough for hugs. Bright, black eyes give him an alert expression that’s lifelike and
endearing. Whether or not this sweet little plush turtle wins the race, Speedy is certain
to win the affections of all who meet him!
$11.99 / ea
Taylor Mocha Bunny
Bursting with charm and springtime joy, Taylor the plush Bunny is a cuddly critter who lives for those warmer days that bring blossoms and butterflies! Taylor’s design features irresistibly soft plush with dark roots and mocha colored tips. Long ears and sweet dark eyes lend Taylor a lifelike expression that will delight kids of all ages. Charming details such as her fluffy white tail and pink flocked nose make Taylor even more appealing. Combined with her high quality polyester fill, this snuggly bunny is ultra cozy and just the right size for little hands. Spread the cheer of this enchanting season and give this baby Bunny to someone special!
$9.99 / ea
Tyler Grey Bunny
Soft and sweet and hopping with excitement for the weather to warm up, Tyler the Bunny stuffed animal is an adorable springtime companion! Hold him close and this little plush Bunny will snuggle lovingly into your hands. His mottled gray coat is made with the plushiest, most squeezably soft fur and stuffed with silky polyester fill. A plump, rounded body and lifelike expression will make this baby rabbit a favorite friend. Tyler’s gentle appearance is finished with a little pink nose and fluffy white cottontail. Ideal as an Easter basket stuffer, Tyler the plush Bunny is a cuddly rabbit whose charming looks will make him popular all year round!
$9.99 / ea
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