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Thistle Hill Dental Cleaning Powder

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Looking for a way to use all natural ingredients and use them for the pearly whites? Here it is. Our Tooth Fairy Dental Cleaning Powder is a long lasting product that will give you amazing results each time. All Natural product created with certified organic herbs. We NEVER test on animals. This will help to remove staining on teeth from wine, coffee, and tea.

Acts more like a polish than a toothpaste. Your Tooth Fairy Dental Cleaning Powder arrives in a 2 ounce, 100% reusable and recyclable BPA-free emerald green container.

Contains herbs that native Americans used a long time ago. ingredients: bicarbonate of soda, ancient sea salt, prickly ash bark, mryhh gum, and clove.

A little bit of history, our Tooth Fairy Dental Cleaning Powder is one of the first products we started making many years ago when we started selling at farmer’s markets. While the labeling and the containers have improved, our certified organic herbs and other quality ingredients have stayed exactly the same!

We make our products with love in small batches. We produce all of our products in Floyd, Virginia USA in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.