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Wavertree & London Soaps
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Wavertree Soap Beach
Happy Days at the Beach. Warm golden sand, clean fresh breezes and an endless blue ocean. All captured in our fabulous Beach Soap bars.
$8.49 / ea
Wavertree Soap Flower Market
The subtle notes of Hyacinth, Jasmine and Roses with an aura of White Lily and Melon. The captivating fragrances of an early morning Flower Market.
$8.49 / ea
Wavertree Soap Goatmilk
Our Goatmilk soap is made with concentrated Goat’s milk proteins that helps skin to feel clean and moisturized. The creamy fragrance will leave you feeling wonderfully soothed and relaxed.
$8.49 / ea
Wavertree Soap Japanese Plum
The perfect blend of citrus and floral. Combination of ripening blossoms of Japanese Plums, rich fruits mixed with sweet citruses for a sweet fragrance.
$8.49 / ea
Wavertree Soap Lavender d'Provence
Our Lavender d’Provence soap has the fragrance of a soothing, relaxing afternoon in the Lavender fields in the South of France. The pure plant oil soap bars will gently cleanse & moisturize the skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth.
$8.49 / ea
Wavertree Soap Noir
A seductive and provocative blend of rich berries, vanilla, cinnamon and dark amber with a shadow of exotic woods and musk.
$8.49 / ea
Showing 1 - 24 of 24