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Black Walnut Flavor 7oz
Experience the smokey, savory flavor of black walnuts.A flavor that's perfect for sweet breads, cakes, cupcakes and frostings.
$3.59 / ea
Butter & Nut Flavor 7oz
Butter & Nut Flavor The salty, smooth flavor of butter is combined with the rich, savory flavor of nuts in our Happy Home Butter Nut Flavor. Use this flavor in breads, cookies or cakes.
$3.59 / ea
Butter Flavor 7oz
Happy Home Butter Flavor is ideal for shortbread cookies, cornbread muffins and light, airy cakes. Just the slightest hint of butter flavor will elevate any recipe.
$3.59 / ea
Cinnamon Flavor 7oz
Cinnamon flavor isn't just for holiday baking. Use cinnamon flavor in candies, muffins and doughnuts. The possibilities are endless and the flavor is exceptional.
$6.39 / ea
Clear Butter Flavor 7oz
Enjoy alll of the flavor and benefits of Happy Home Butter Flavor, but without any of the color that could potentially compromise the look of your finished product.
$3.59 / ea
Clear Imitation Vanilla 7oz
Sometimes regular vanilla can leave a cream-colored tint to your white icings and, for wedding cakes, sugar cookies and the like, that just won't do. Happy Home Clear Vanilla Flavoring offers the same rich flavor as our regular vanilla, but without the color, so your white icing stays as pristine as ever.
$3.59 / ea
Coconut Flavor 7oz
We love adding Happy Home Imitation Coconut Flavor to pies, cakes and cupcakes. We even love whisking it into sauces or glazes for shrimp or chicken dishes for a little bit of an island flair.
$3.59 / ea
Maple Flavor 7oz
Take a tablespoon or two of our Happy Home Maple Flavor, mix it into cream cheese icing and add the icing on top of a homemade pumpkin cupcake.
$3.59 / ea
Natural Almond 7oz
Happy Home Almond Flavor is ideal when you want to add another layer of flavor to a dish. Try it in pies, cakes, dessert breads or pancakes!
$3.59 / ea
Natural Lemon Flavor 7oz
Happy Home Natural Lemon Flavor is bursting with sweet, tart flavor that's practically begging to be whisked into a custard.
$3.59 / ea
Natural Orange Flavor 7oz
Happy Home Natural Orange Flavor is delicious when paired with chocolate. Add it into your favorite fudge or truffle recipe. Or, go a little bit lighter and whisk it into a gooey poke cake.
$3.59 / ea
Pineapple Flavor 7oz
Happy Home Pineapple Flavor is ideal when whisked into breakfast fruit muffins, but is versatile enough to be used on a glaze for pork or chicken!
$3.59 / ea
Pure Lemon Extract
Happy Home Pure Lemon Extract is bursting with a flavor that's equally tart and sweet. Add this flavor to poppyseed muffins, lemon meringues or custards.
$9.99 / 7oz ea
PURE Vanilla Extract 4oz
Happy Home Pure Vanilla Extract is made with the finest vanilla beans and the most delicious Madagascar bourbon around.
$11.99 / ea
PURE Vanilla Extract 7oz
Happy Home Pure Vanilla Extract is made with the finest vanilla beans and the most delicious Madagascar bourbon around.
$14.99 / ea
Rum Flavor 7oz
Happy Home Imitation Rum Flavor is a perfect, non-alcoholic way to cash in on the robust, nutty flavor of rum. Add a dash or two to cakes, candies, pastries or even savory dishes.
$3.59 / ea
Strawberry Flavor 7oz
Happy Home Strawberry Flavor is practically begging to be whisked into a tart, cobbler or pie. It's perfectly sweet with a subtle tartness to keep things balanced.
$3.59 / ea
Vanilla Bean
Prime Gourmet Grade A, Bourbon Planifolia Vanilla beans grown in Madagascar.
$7.79 / 2 ea
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