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Packaged in a 6 oz. cup.
6 oz / 0.13 lb @ $37.99 per lb / $4.94
Meat Tenderizer 6 oz
Sprinkle this Meat Tenderizer on raw cuts of meat before cooking to help create a tender, moist and delicious texture in cooked meat dishes such as steaks, chops and roasts. Combine a sprinkle of meat tenderizer with your favorite seasonings for a homemade marinade that will fill your dishes with flavor.
$1.39 / ea
Montana Steak Seasoning
Packaged in a 6 oz. cup.
Montana steak seasoning is an all natural seasoning made from a blend of coarse sea salt, black pepper, onion, garlic, dill seed, coriander seed, crushed red pepper, cumin and dill and contains no added MSG. Montana steak seasoning will give you a the taste of Montreal steak seasoning for a fraction of the price.
6 oz / 0.29 lb @ $11.99 per lb / $3.48
Mushroom Shiitake Sliced
Packaged in a 16 oz. cup.

Shiitake mushrooms are large in size with a meaty texture and an earthy taste. Dried shiitake mushrooms have a more intense flavor and are perfect for use in stir fries, soups and side dishes or as a substitute for meat. They can also be breaded and fried, or chopped and mixed with breadcrumbs to make a savory stuffing.
16 oz / 0.15 each @ $39.99 per each / $6.00
Rib Rub 5oz.
Rub directly on the raw rib meat before cooking or grilling for a savory taste unlike any other!
$3.69 / ea
Saffron Card
Saffron is the stigma of a flowering plant in the crocus family. Saffron, the world's most expensive spice, is costly because more than 225,000 stigmas must be handpicked to produce one pound. In its pure form, saffron is a mass of compressed, threadlike, dark orange strands that has a spicy, pungent and bitter flavor with a sharp and penetrating odor. This spice is used in cuisines from all around the world to provide dishes with color and flavor.
$8.99 / ea
Salt Kosher Coarse 3lb
Kosher salt is certified and has a coarse grain, making it perfect for cooking, brining, marinating or simply sprinkling on top of your favorite dish.
$3.69 / ea
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