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Apple Cinn Pancake Mix
Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix is made with real cinnamon and apple fiber. These pancakes will give you real apple goodness in each bite. No sugar is in this mix, so it is ideal for diabetics. Add apple juice instead of water for an extra splash of apple flavor that your kids will love.
$3.69 / ea
Apple Crisp 8.5oz
A wonderful, old-fashioned fruit dessert - slices of tender, sweet apples under a crispy, flavorful topping of buttery, cinnamon crumbs. Apple Crisp is simple to make, impressive to serve and delicious to taste. Just slice 6-8 medium to large apples and add 5 tablespoons butter.
$1.99 / ea
Belgian Waffle Mix 16oz
New Hope Belgian Waffle mix is specially formulated for preparing extra-thick belgian waffles and pancakes, this mix provides a quick and easy way to start the day with a delicious breakfast.
$3.79 / ea
Birthday Cake Pancake Mix  20oz
Don't let the bright colors and delicious flavor fool you! This mix in not only non-GMO, but is made without any synthetic colors or flavors, making it a great choice for a special treat for birthday breakfast or any occasion!
$4.99 / ea
Blueberry Muffin Mix
Just add water and canned, fresh or frozen blueberries to this mix to create bakery quality muffins in a matter of minutes.
1.5 pt / 1.6 lb @ $2.19 per lb / $3.50
Blueberry Pancake Mix
Blueberry Pancake Mix is simple and delicious and packed full of 100 % real freeze-dried blueberries. No added sugar makes them a guilt free treat.
$5.19 / ea
Coconut Macaroon Cookie Mix
Coconut Macaroon Cookie Mix is made with sweet coconut and a hint of almond flavor which make this chewy cookie irresistible. Easy to prepare, these cookies taste great fresh from the oven and will fill your house with a delightful aroma.
pt / 1 lb @ $4.69 per lb / $4.69
Donut Mix
Raised A Donut Mix is easy to make - just add water and yeast to this mix to create delicious cake donuts!

DIRECTIONS: combine 1 tbsp yeast & 1 cup warm water. Let sit 5 min. Add full bag mix, knead dough for 4-6 min till soft & smooth. Let rise 45-60 min. Roll & cut out doughnuts, let rise double in size. Deep fat fry at 375 for approx 1 min per side. Makes 18 doughnuts.
1.5 pt / 1.15 lb @ $1.99 per lb / $2.29
Funnel Cake Mix 2 lbs.
Enjoy Funnel Cake Mix at home with the help of this mix! Add cold water and an egg to this mix to create a delicious funnel cake that can be topped with powdered sugar or fresh fruit for an especially tasty treat.
$2.99 / ea
Gingerbread Mix Pancake & Cookie 1.5 lb
An easy to use mix can be used to create a batch of breakfast pancakes or to bake up warm gingerbread cookies that are an irresistible treat, especially straight from the oven. This mix includes pieces of crystallized ginger to give your pancakes and cookies a well-rounded flavor.
$4.79 / ea
Gluten Free Brownie Mix 21 oz.
Gluten Free Brownie Mix has a deep and intense dark chocolate flavor combined with a wonderfully moist cake texture. This mix will quickly become a family favorite.
$5.99 / ea
Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix 16oz
Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix is delicious and makes the perfect chocolate cake for celebrating all your special occasions. This cake mix is simple to prepare and can be topped with your favorite frosting.
$4.99 / ea
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