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Gluten Free Vanilla Cake Mix 16oz
Vanilla Cake Mix is made with a perfect blend of gluten free flours and starches that will help transform this mix into a simple white cake or delicate vanilla cake.
$5.19 / ea
Multi Grain Whole Wheat Pancake Mix 2lb.
Whole Wheat Pancake Mix is sugar free, which makes it a safe and healthy breakfast option for those who have sugar restrictions in their diet. Mix half whole wheat mix with half blueberry pancake mix for an extra healthy breakfast.
$4.39 / ea
Pie Crust Mix
Pie Crust Mix is easy to prepare - just add water to this mix to create a light and flaky pie crust with ease. Use this mix for making old fashioned apple pies, creamy pumpkin pies and decadent cream pies.
1.5 pt / 1.15 lb @ $1.79 per lb / $2.06
Spoon Bread Mix 5.5oz
If you have never eaten spoon bread, you need to try this. Mix as directed on the package; cook in a casserole dish; spoon it onto your plate; lather with butter, and enjoy!

Made using locally grown NON GMO white corn.
$1.79 / ea
Sugar Cookie Mix
Sugar Cookie Mix is simple to prepare - just add water to this mix to create soft and flavorful sugar cookies. Add extra sugar sprinkles or icing for an especially sweet cookie treat.
hp / 1.84 lb @ $1.89 per lb / $3.48
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