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Chow Mein Noodles
Chow Mein noodles are deep fried in vegetable oil to create noodles that are perfect for topping a salad or meal of any variety. These crispy noodles are also ideal for creating a stir fry dish with chicken or pork and vegetables.
qt / 0.55 lb @ $3.09 per lb / $1.70
Elbow Spaghetti
Elbow spaghetti is thin like spaghetti but short and curved like elbow macaroni. This type of pasta combines two classic shapes into one fun pasta creation. Try using this pasta in whatever type of dish you desire, from pasta salads to main pasta meals.
qt / 1.2 lb @ $1.99 per lb / $2.39
Pot Pie Bows
Pot Pie Bows will add a creative look to any meal! This noodle is made without egg to help lower cholesterol, but are thick enough for a variety of sauces. Try pot pie bows in a number of soup and salad recipes.
$2.19 / lb
Whole Wheat Cous-cous
Whole wheat Couscous may look like rice, but is actually made from coarsely ground semolina pasta. This quick cooking pasta tastes great when mixed with marinated, broiled vegetables, served with curries or stir fry meals, or used as a salad topper.
pt / 1 lb @ $2.59 per lb / $2.59
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